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december 2017

The EROFIO Group wishes to its employees, customers, suppliers, their families and to all a Christmas full of peace and harmony.

The new year of 2018 enters in our lives and invigorates the hope, health, prosperity, unity, understanding, humility and wisdom

EROFIO – SI Qualification and Internacionalization PME joint project – IQ+ Companies

october 2017

Within the scope of the incentive system

for the companies, investment, qualification and internationalization PME, NERLEI – Entrepreneurial Association of the Leiria Region is developing the joint project IQ+Empresas with the nr. POCI-02-0853-FEDER-000012. This project, to be executed until November 2017, is financed by the PORTUGAL 2020, within the scope of the Operational Program Competitiveness and Internationalization, through the FEDER – European Fund for Regional Development.


For more information see the page of the project at http://www.iqmaisempresas.pt/. 

The joint project IQ+ Empresas is a structured project of intervention in a group of PME and which fosters the sharing of experiences, knowledge, results and good practices. It presents as main objectives: reinforce the competitiveness of small and medium companies; reinforce the business strategies; increment the capabilities for innovation and enable/reinforce the digital market access. EROFIO – Engenharia e Fabricação de Moldes, SA is one of the PME supported in the scope of the project, having as investments and main goals:

• Consulting for the Balanced Scorecard implementation • Adhesion to the Technological Plataform • Access/Reinforcement to digital marketsa mercados digitais

Erofio e Erofio Atlântico - PME Líder 2017

september 2017

 It is with great joy that we share that the PME Lider 2017 was renewed.

  Thanks to the continuation of a good job, performed by all the team from Erofio and Erofio Atlântico, we were able to maintain the quality of the final product.   “ It is with great pleasure that we communicate the attribution of the status of Company PME Lider 2017, following your performance and risk profile. We would like to felicitate you for keeping this distinction, created by IAPMEI, in a partnership with the Banks and the Tourism of Portugal, to enhance the SMC with superior performance, being a satisfaction being able to recognize publicly the success of your corporate strategy and the importance of your contribution for the national economy.”  


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