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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

december 2016

 The EROFIO Group wishes to its employees, customers, suppliers, their families and to all a Christmas full of peace and harmony.

The new year of 2017 enters in our lives and invigorates the hope, health, prosperity, unity, understanding, humility and wisdom.


july 2016

 At Erofio Atlantic, S.A. there is an ongoing project funded by CENTRO 2020, which aims to strengthen the competitiveness of SMEs and was named: "EA - Innovation".

Project No. 0639;

Objectives: To strengthen the competitiveness of SMEs

System of Incentives / Measure of Support: Centro2020 - Incentive Scheme for innovation

Investment: € 938,215.00

Eligible investment: € 938,215.00

Incentive / reimbursable fund: € 562,929.00

Deadlines for Execution: 01/05/2015 to 28/02/2017

Deu-me o nome Liberdade o Avô agostinho da Silva

june 2016

On 10 June the Erofio Group had the initiative for the children of employees to organize a creative workshop, which arose from following the launch of the book sponsored by the Group and published by bookstore Arquivo. The book "He gave me the name Freedom Grandfather Agostinho da Silva" was written by Patricia Martins and illustrated by Tenorio

  It was a fun morning for everyone!


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