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december 2015

On the last 4th of December, the weekly newspaper REGIÃO DE LEIRIA, published the annual magazine ENTREPRENEUR’s GUIDE in which its central theme is the longevity of the companies and the challenges of succession in leadership. Regarded as a good example, Erofio Group is the major highlight in Entrepreneur's Guide. The way as the succession is done, or as they say, the passage of the folder, It is a process that should be planned years in advance.

See the magazine here.

250 Largest Companies of the leiria district

december 2015

 On the last 2nd of December , the newspaper JORNAL DE LEIRIA published the magazine ‘’250 Largest Companies of the Leiria district’’, being our companies EROFIO S.A. and EROFIO Atlântico S.A. present in the ranking. In 2014, EROFIO Atlântico entered for the first time in the ranking of New Companies to be accountable on the table of the 250 largest companiesof the Leiria disctrict. From their side EROFIO S.A. enjoyed a significant climb on the ranking. In the ranking of the 50 larger companies of the Leiria district EROFIO Atlântico S.A.finds itself on the 11th place and EROFIO S.A. on the 14th.

Please see the magazine here.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

december 2015

 The EROFIO Group wishes to its employees, customers, suppliers, their families and to all Batalhenses a Christmas full of peace and harmony.

The new year of 2016 enters in our lives and invigorates the hope, health, prosperity, unity, understanding, humility and wisdom.

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