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Projects co-financed by the EU - Erofio / Erofio Atlântico


QREN | SI Inovação

september 2014

 Project approved and sponsored by QREN

  “SI Inovação”   It has as an objective the information system “ Mould – Integrated Solution”, for moulding of polymers over air filters for the trucks sector.   This project represents a total investment of 2.200.000€ with a participation from QREN of 1.210.000€.

QREN | SI Qualificação e Internacionalização de PME

july 2014

Project approved and financed by QREN   “SI Qualificação e Internacionalização de PME – Projecto Individual”   It has the objective of reinforcing the competitive capacity and communication ability with the market, together with a larger presence in international markets, empowering the áreas of engineering and ICT, diversification and energy efficiency, social awareness, Safety and Health at Work and internationalization.   This project represents a total investment of 711.288.48€ with a contribution from QREN of 297.323,07€.

1º Passeio BTT e Pedreste Grupo Erofio

june 2014

The EROFIO group organized on the late 14th of June the 1st mountain bike and pedestrian promenade to reinforce the existent team spirit among its employees. The event was open to the employees families.

The mountain bike event had a distance of 20km and the pedestrian was 8 km.   See the vídeo here.


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