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Projects co-financed by the EU - Erofio / Erofio Atlântico


Erofio Atlântico PME Líder 2018

august 2018

We are pleased to share that IAPMEI renewed the PME Líder Statute in 2018. Thanks to the continued good work carried out by the entire Erofio Atlântico Company, we were able to maintain the quality of the final product.

Erofio e Erofio Atlântico PME Excelência 2017

february 2018

EROFIO – Engenharia de Moldes, S.A. and EROFIO Atlântico, S.A., have achieved the title of PME EXcelência (Excellent Small & Medium Company) once again.

Both companies "are an example of solidity and competitiveness" with all the work and dedication of our employees. We will keep on working to reach our objectives continuously.

Congratulations to ‘all of us’ for the status PME Excelência 2017.


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